Manual Handling Training


Safety First

From repetitively lifting light items to the occasional lifting of a 20-30kg load, anything that is lifted, pushed, pulled or carried is considered manual handling. Each physical tasks comes with its own level of risk.


We understand that lifting is not simply an 'up and down' task. We also realise that it is not possible to have 'perfect' technique in every situation of manual handling. The purpose of our Manual Handling Training is to minimise the risk of musculoskeletal injuries by incorporating the optimal biomechanical principles in any given situation

(Images left): Manual handling training with one of our clients who happened to have a great training facility... a sunny balcony overlooking the city! 

What's Involved?
  • Our Manual Handling training can be performed in real-time or in a simulated environment. 

  • We cater for One-on-one training or Group training 

  • Training is interactive and most importantly practical utilising the best biomechanical principles

  • Sessions times can vary from 30-60mins depending on the level of content you wish to be covered. 

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