Onsite Physiotherapy

Through early identification our goal is to prevent the onset of workplace injuries, minimising the impact of Worker's Compensation premiums on your business and maximising the productivity and health of your employees.



Worksite Physiotherapy - OccFit Physiotherapy
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What does Onsite Physiotherapy involve?
  • We commit to understanding the demands of your business and all the tasks involved. This puts us in a better position to advise on an injured worker's capacity and recovery time-frames

  • Minimal disruptions to your business with real time assessments of techniques, postures and positions

  • Receive injury stats based on departments, job roles allowing you to have more control over your business expenditure and planning

  • Based on WorkCover's "Recover at Work" with rehabilitation specific to the job

  • If a worker is on a claim, they can be treated at work with steady upgrading of work capacity leading to a sustainable return to pre-injury duties

  • Collaboration with all key parties - supervisors, management, doctors and OH&S team. 

The Benefits

Early Injury Identification

Reduce Lost Time Injury Rate

Reduce Work Cover Insurance Premiums


Reduce Staff Replacement Costs


Increase Productivity

Improve Work Safety Culture and Create a Happier and Healthier Workforce

How does it work?
Case Example: Day 1 at a Sydney-Based Food Manufacturer

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