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April 1, 2020

This article is based on the recent systematic review article which analysed shoulder impingement across a variety of studies


“Shoulder impingement” is something you may hear thrown around at your gym or work, but what does it actually mean...

May 15, 2019

In this blog, we’re going to dive into the topic of headaches. We’ll take a closer look at the types of headaches and their impact. This will involve examination of migraines, tension-type headaches and cervicogenic (related to neck tightness/pain) headaches. From here...

April 8, 2019

What is Tech-Neck?

Meet Lisa. As an Office Manager, Lisa spends many hours in front of her computer screen. She also spends some of her down-time browsing on her phone, or watching her favourite TV shows and movies on Netflix. 

As a result of all of this screen-time, L...

March 4, 2019

Adolescent knee pain in active children: What is it and how can it best be managed? Read on to find out more about this condition

February 20, 2019

There is often confusion about which type (hot or cold) to use, the timing and duration of use, and the mechanisms by which they work. We look at the evidence on heat and ice.

February 7, 2019

Chronic pain lasts beyond the expected recovery time (typically more than 3 months). The goals of an evidence-based approach to manage this include lowering pain levels, reducing distress and improving quality of life by empowering individuals to participate in social...

January 10, 2019

Pain is undesirable but an essential element of our lives. It notifies us when the body is experiencing harm, however in instances where pain lasts for more than 3 months i.e. chronic pain, there are complex processes that occur which then can affect our physical, psyc...

September 18, 2018

Hip strength is important for preventing injuries to your hip, knee and ankle. In this blog we'll go through some simple exercises to maintain hip strength and prevent injuries.

August 30, 2018

We explore the key differences between static and dynamic stretches and highlight the latest research into the area of stretching and its associated benefits.

June 28, 2018

Desk Exercises and Stretches designed to break up repetitive sitting/typing

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Tackling Headaches Head-on with Physio

May 15, 2019

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